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The Global Health

The Global Health Blog is hosted by Northwestern University in Illinois. This blog features posts from students and medical professionals alike in categories like community health, HIV/AIDs, global initiatives, and public health. The blog has been active since 2010, starting as a small site just for students at the school. Now it has turned into […]

The Health Care

The Health Care Blog offers a huge assortment of articles about the medical community. Some of their most popular blog categories include technology, economics, the business of healthcare, physicians, and future med. There are a number of medical professional who contribute to the blog on a daily basis, providing great information for every perspective in […]

The Health Affairs

The Health Affairs

The Health Affairs Blog has authors from all sectors of the medical community. These contributors provide commentary on important issues in health news and health policy. Many of the staff writers are regarded as experts in their crafts, but there are occasional guest bloggers that bring a whole new dimension to the info on the […]

The Public Health Matters

The Public Health Matters Blog is part of the website for the Centers for Disease Control. This site offers expert advice, opinions, and research information to readers from across America. Some of the blog’s most popular post categories include disease investigation, flu, natural disasters, public health, and vaccination. There is even a category on there […]